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           In Sickness and Health.
           [Sick!Norway x Reader]

"Norge!" Matthias yelled as he pounded on the door to the Norwegian male's room. "Come on, we have to leave for the meeting!" His fist came down harder on the wooden door separating the two men. "It's not like you to sleep in! That's my job!"

A grumble came from the other side of the door as it was flung open to see a puffy eyed male with a runny nose who was sending a death glare towards the louder of the two. "Fuck off." He stated as he slammed the door in the Dane's face.

Matthias blinked, his oceanic eyes holding confusion. He sighed heavily and ran a hand through his gravity-defying hair, unsure of what to do next in this sort of situation.

"Come on, idiot! If we don't leave now then we'll be late!" Emil yelled from the ajar front door, ready to leave with the Swede and Finn that were already waiting in the car.

"Okay! I'm coming." The Dane said as he descended the stairs at a fast pace. "Norge isn't coming." He stated as he passed the islander and rushed out to the car.

After jumping in the back seat of the car, he pulled his cell phone out and dialed a number he had kept on speed dial for these exact reasons. He heard the dial tone at least five times before someone on the other end picked up.

"Denmark! Where the hell are you guys? Its ten minutes until we start-"

"[country], listen, Norge is sick. Home alone. Wanna skip the meeting for him? I'll grab your paperwork for you." He insisted, hoping the woman would comply with his question. A sigh was heard on the other end before the woman grumbled something incomprehensible. "Come on, [y/n].. I don't want him alone. And I know about.. that." He reinforced his question.

"How the hell did you find out?!" She shrieked on the other end, forcing Matthias to laugh and pull the phone away from his ear for a moment.

He smirked. "Well, you don't hide it very well-"

"Alright, alright. I'll be over there in a few."


[y/n] stood at the entrance to the Scandanavian household with her hand on the doorknob. Her mind was racing like there was no tomorrow. However, her main question was how on earth Matthias found out about her crush on Lukas. She shook her head and attempted to rid herself of any doubt she might have before entering their home.

Lukas did need her right now, of course.

Mustering up her courage, she turned the knob and stepped through the doorway. The house was eerily quiet without the others here, but that isn't what she should have been worried about. Shaking her head once more, she rid herself of her shoes and her [f/c] jacket and ran a hair through her [h/c] locks.

[y/n] began her trek on wary feet, traversing further into the silent and dimly lit household. She made a quick pit stop in the kitchen to make two mugs of coffee, one of which would be consumed later on by her crush.

The [h/c] haired woman then took herself from the kitchen, one mug in each hand, and began her ascension of the stairs. Each step was nerve-wracking and carefully taken, as to not spill her bitter-sweet liquid held within the porcelain mugs.

Once atop the stairwell, she then furthered herself through the house. Though her nerves were acting awry, she continued to the Norweigan man's door. He needed her at the moment and she'd be damned if she let this chance escape her. She carefully placed one mug in the crook of her elbow and twisted the knob on the door that separated the two nations.

The room was dark as all lights were off, but even in the midst of the consuming darkness she was able to make out the outlines of Lukas being curled up in the comfort of his bed. A faint smile made it's way unto her features. It wasn't every day that you saw the man so serenely child-like, after all.

"Lukas? Are you awake?" [y/n] whispered into the almost unsettling blackness.

A grumble came from the man as he rolled over to face her, a scowl etched onto his face. "Who's there?" He asked cautiously.

She smiled more, her [e/c] irises growing gentler and lessly ridden with her dastardly nerves. "It's just me. [y/n]. Matthias called and said you were sick."

He grumbled once more, reaching up to turn his bed-side lamp on. The bitter light seemed to bite at his head, though, as he winced once the lamp was illuminating the room. She sighed and carefully walked over to his side, setting the mugs on the table beside the light source.

"Here's some coffee. I wouldn't recommend a sick person to drink of it, however I know your stubbornness like I know Matthias's drunken tendencies." She stated, scooting his Norwegian flagged coffee cup closer to his side.

Had she the nerve to look upon his face, she would see the ghost of a lovely smile adorning his features. "I can't argue with that." He spake, grabbing the handle with a shaken hand.

"Let me check your temperature." [y/n] said, rather than asking.

The blond male groaned. "Nej. You're not putting that stupid stick in my mouth."

A giggle escaped her before she had the chance to hold it back. He pulled the mug up to his lips at the very moment that she placed a delicate hand over his forehead. Her face twisted to one of concern and worry. She then took the mug from his lips, to his utter displeasure, and placed it next to her own.

"No sir, Lukas. You need to lay down." She said gently. Her hand, still placed on his forehead, guided him to lay back.

The Norwegian narrowed his eyes at the woman. "You just said I could have my coffee."

One of her dainty brows arched in amusement at the seemingly pouting man. "I never said you couldn't. I'm going to gather a damp wash cloth and a straw. I do not want you up when you are burning up that much."

Norway smirked, fully allowing her to see what little emotion he allowed through. "You know, when you're nervous you tend to speak like you're still in the olden days, [y/n]."

In his eyes, the most adorable pout came to her face and a deep blush settled over her cheeks. "Shut up." After crossing her arms over her chest, she stomped out of the room to get the items she told him of.

As soon as the lass left the room, Lukas sighed heavily to himself. 'Matthias just had to call her of all people, didn't he. I never should have told that bastard about how I feel.'

He pulled an arm up and shielded his eyes from the head-ache educing light by resting his elbow over the pair of mysteriously dark orbs. He groaned in slight desperation and allowed his mind to wander. Of course, every time he allowed his mind to do so, his thoughts always ended on [y/n].

Her gorgeous laughter and the sparkle in her [e/c] eyes and even the way the spoke. That cute pout of hers end even the way she scrunched her nose up when she giggled. If anyone were to ask him what he liked the most about her, though, the answer would be simple; her gentleness with those that she cared about. Just knowing that she ditched the meeting to be here with him in his sickness gave him more butterflies than his nauseous stomach could handle at the moment.

As if to distract him from his queasy, unsettled stomach, [y/n] walked back into the room with the exact items she said that she had left to acquire. Only now did she had a goofy grin on her face.

"Okay, Mister I-can't-keep-myself-away-from-coffee, here's your straw." She stated sarcastically, plopping said tubal object into the dark liquid. Her dainty hands then reached up to feel of his warm forehead once more before placing the cool cloth over the touched area.

"I can deal without the sarcasm, milady." He said, allowing sarcasm into his congested voice. Stealing a glance over to the [h/c] haired beauty, he noticed a beautiful rosy blush covering her embarrassed cheeks. "You can leave now."

[y/n] huffed in annoyance. "I don't think so, mister. I know how you can be; Without me here, you're going to get up and push yourself too far with the chores." She leaned in closer to him, gently removing the elbow from his face. Her eyes, though stubborn and lightly annoyed, held a gentleness. She smiled warmly at him and brushed his un-clipped bangs behind his ear. Her gentle touch was hard not to lean into. A loving smile caressed her features, and Lukas swore that he had never seen anything that held such beauty.

"You need to sleep. Drink your coffee and I'll worry about the house, okay?" She finished, tenderly pulling away from him by tracing her fingers against his jaw line. An involuntary shiver wracked through his system at the butterfly-like gentleness.

She reached over and turned the lamp off and exited the room, leaving nothing but Lukas's racing heart behind her as she shut the door. He brought his hand up to feel his burning cheeks, no doubt burning from both the fever and the display of love she had shown him moments earlier.

Careful not to get up, he reached over to get his coffee mug and sat is atop his chest, placing the tip of the straw between his pale lips. As he gulped down his bitter-sweet cup of bliss, the only thing that went through his mind was the twinkle in her [e/c] eyes as she showed him her loving side.

Once his drink had been consumer, he placed his mug on the table, only to hear the clack of porcelain hitting porcelain. A smile worked it's way onto his lips as he realized that she had left her own cup of coffee in his room with him.


Lukas awoke much later that day to an eery silence. It was surely past time for the meeting to have been adjourned, so why wasn't there a screaming Dane in the living room? He sighed and reached up, noticing that the towel had recently been replaced as he removed it from his throbbing head.

He figured that a quick trip to the restroom wouldn't get [y/n] too worked up. He felt a head ache, and he did need something to get rid of that. Carefully, walking on silent feet, he released himself from the clutches of his warm and enticing bed to tred toward the door.

He opened said door and peeked his head out, noticing the darkness within the house. It was never this dark with all of his roommates home. Slowly, he made a small journey to descend the stairs and reach the restroom. However, something stopped him.

At first, it was simply the time that the clock on the table in the living room said. It was three in the morning. That would explain the darkness and the silence. But, when he looked over at the couch that the table was beside, he caught a glimpse of something that made his heart race and his head ache swiftly leave.

[y/n] was curled up on the edge of the couch, snuggled into a blanket which had Norway's flag on it. She was in a sitting position with her knee close to her chest. Atop her knees rested a book, a rather old tome that he recognized as his book on Norse mythology. Her [h/c] hair was a tangled mess, splaying randomly behind her against the back of the couch and draping down randomly. Her steady breathing and calm face, coupled with her cute position, was enough to make his brain become irrational.

He walked over to her and shut the book before placing it on the table. Then, carefully, he placed one arm under her bent knees and the other behind her back. Lukas picked up his maiden and carried her, covers and all, up to his room with him.

Her hands clung to the front of his sleep shirt unconsciously and she nuzzled closer to him, making herself more comfortable in his arms. He looked down at her peaceful face with a bright smile on his own and began climbing the stairs.

"Norge?" A whisper of a familiar voice asked from somewhere behind him. "Are you feeling better now?"

The Norwegian sighed and turned his head just enough to see Matthias in his pajamas at the bottom of the stairwell. "Not completely."

"Going back to bed?" The Dane asked, taking in the sight of the smaller male carrying [Country]. Norge noticed the little muffin held in his hand and assumed that she had bribed the household to be quiet with her baking.


Matthias smirked. "Have fun cuddling with your lady friend~" He called out in a whisper, a perverted implication hidden in the tone of his voice.

Norway glared at the male before turning back around and continuing to his room.


[y/n] stirred slightly, clinging closer to the supposed pillow that she was laying on. The 'pillow' seemed to have an appendage around her and was refusing to let her go. Upon feeling this revelation, her [e/c] eyes opened groggily to see Lukas looking at her previously sleeping form.

Thinking nothing of this, assuming it was merely a dream, she snuggled closer to him and sighed contently. "Sleep well?"

"Ja. Did you?" He asked quietly.

[y/n] nodded against his chest and smiled more. "Are you feeling better?"

The Norwegian pulled the lass atop of him completely, bringing her face within a very close proximity of his own. "I do. Tak." He stated before hissing her forehead gently.

Now , [y/n] was positive that she was dreaming. No longer afraid of what his response would be, since she wrongfully thought it was a dream, she leaned in and placed her forehead on his. Her [e/c] eyes locked with his perfect blue ones, hoping that she could convey the love she felt for him in the look alone. She knew that she wanted to say those three words, though.

Her hand pushed his hair back gently, not dismissing eye contact, and her delicate hand rested gently on his masculine jawline. "I love you."

His usually stoic features faltered as his eyes widened and a small smile broke out onto his face. She giggled at him and used her hand to guide his lips up to hers. She placed a chaste kiss unto him and smiled lovingly at him. "You should smile more."

The male's arms wrapped tighter around her waist, keeping her planted onto him. "Please, for the love of Odin, tell me this isn't another dream." Lukas said, smiling and panting slightly as though he didn't believe that this had just happened to him.

[y/n] stiffened slightly. It wasn't a dream. And he was happy about her loving him. Her smile grew a little more since she now knew that it was all reality, and she shook her head against his. "Nope. It's not a fantasy."

"Fuck." Norge stated, pulling her in for a much deeper kiss. The kiss easily conveyed all the pent up love they held for each other in an explosion of happy love. "I love you too." He whispered to her before leaning up to steal another kiss.
SO! Guess what, I won't be online for another few days!!
D: Sucks, right?
Well, while I'm offline, I'll be working on different reader inserts for you all!
The SPADE story is complete, but I have no time to post it right now. I'm kind of borrowing internet off of the gas station right now to post this. xDD SHHHH. I LOVE YOU.

Anyway, you know the drill. I only own the plot. and you
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"Norge!" Matthias yelled as he pounded on the door to the Norwegian male's room. "Come on, we have to leave for the meeting!" His fist came down harder on the wooden door separating the two men. "It's not like you to sleep in! That's my job!"


Matthias smirked. "Have fun cuddling with your lady friend~" He called out in a whisper, a perverted implication hidden in the tone of his voice.

oh Matthias, you crack me up.

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Ha en flott dag!
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