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                       I'm NOT Fat!
                       [England x Pregnant!Reader]

Anyone in their right state of mind would notice that Arthur was distracted. They were arguing as always, yet the Brit wasn't saying a word. He wasn't yelling at Alfred for his idiotic ideas, he wasn't succumbing to the need to strangle the French man next to him, and his attention wasn't even drawn to Ludwig when he took control of the meeting. Another average World Summit meeting, but without Arthur prolonging activities, they actually accomplished a few things.

"England!" America yelled at the top of his booming voice.

The country spoken to looked over to the younger nation in slight confusion and anger at his thoughts being interrupted.

"What's wrong, dude? You've been quiet all day." He asked, worry lacing his usually chaotic voice.

"'e 'asn't even tried to strangle me." Francis stated simply.

Without knowing it, the meeting had long adjourned and only a few countries lingered. France, England, America, Germany, and Japan were the few staying back to gather papers and all other things they needed before heading back to their respective countries.

The Brit shook his head in an almost depressed manor before grabbing the little paperwork received and brought and taking his leave from the room. The entire day, the blond male's mind was settled on [y/n]. She was acting very differently lately. She was distant and barely spoke to him, and he noticed that she was eating quite a bit lately.

As he reflected back on their last full conversation, he wondered if that was the reason behind her apparent depression.


"Arthur? Dear? Do you mind if I ask a question?" [y/n] asked with a bright smile on her face before plopping down on the couch next to him.

The green eyed male looked up from his book before creasing the upped right corner of his page and shutting it. He turned to face her completely and smiled warmly at his wife of four years. "Go on."

[y/n] smiled brighter and nuzzled her face on his shoulder in a sort of embrace. Arthur chuckled and wrapped his arms around her, kissing the top of her head and rubbing her back. "Yes, love?"

"Dear, what do you think of children?"

Startled by the question, hurt consumed the Brit's heart instantly before thinking back to his last child experience. The pain he suffered when America pulled away from him and even fought him in order to attain his country's freedom. "I-I don't mind them.. But I'd rather not have a child just yet."

"Oh, heaven's no! I was just asking!" [y/n] said quickly before jolting up to look at her husband lovingly. There was something behind her [e/c] eyes that looked a bit like hurt or fear, but Arthur paid it no mind.

That night, they cuddled together on the couch while watching a medley of movies.

---End Flashback---

Ever since then, [y/n] has been getting more and more distant. Perhaps she was excited about everything and really wanted a child of their own. The only problem to that was the fact that Arthur wasn't ready to take everything that far. Every time he thought of something like that, America would pop into his head.

A sigh escaped his lips as he entered the house, seeing [y/n] laying on the couch and sleeping contently. Her stomach seemed larger than before, making him believe that she had taken her depression out on eating, which was obviously unhealthy for anyone who wasn't Alfred. Seeing her sleeping face, so gentle and peaceful, made his love spike through his veins.

A small smile wormed it's way across his face. 'Perhaps I should make her eat less...'

~~~~Time Skip: Three Days~~~~

[y/n] was hovering above the dishes, washing them as though they were the thing she was the most angry at. A sudden dizziness took over, and she knew why. Arthur was making her cut down on food for a thing he believes is simply her depression taking over. An angry glint was in her eye, even through the dizziness. She wasn't getting enough nutrients, and she knew why.

Arthur just walked into the kitchen to see her swaying terribly at the sink. "[y/n], are you okay?"

"I'm fine." She replied, giving them the cold shoulder. The dizziness finally took over and, before she could stop herself, she was seeing black and felt herself falling. That is, until Arthur swept in and caught her lovingly.

"Don't over exert yourself-" Was the last thing she heard before falling into the blackness.

This was the second time in three days that she had fainted. Arthur, being the worry wart that he is, had finally pursued the route needed and took her to the hospital.

~~~Time Skip: Two Hours~~~

The doctor finally came from the room, making his way over to Arthur, who stood up at his presence. Finally, he could get to the bottom of it all. Finally, he could find out what was driving her to do this. The past two hours, he had been busying his self by reading her journal. Yes, it was an invasion of her privacy, but she had been acting so oddly.

In the journal, it didn't give specifics, but it didn't state that she had been having an affair. That much was noted, and when he finished reading without the mention of another person in her life, a wave of relief washed over him. That had been his main suspicion at first, but now he was more worried about the sickness she felt for two months that she didn't tell him about.

Now, here he was, with the doctor quickly approaching him with a smile and a clipboard.

"Well, I'll tell you her condition first. She's fine, it's just like she was malnourished." Doctor Jones stated.

"Malnourished? How so, she was eating so-"

"Which brings me to point B. Congratulations, Mister Kirkland. Your wife is five months along in her pregnancy." He finished with a dashing smile.

Arthur blinked. "What?" It felt like he was slammed against a wall. She was pregnant?

At that moment, it hit him hard. That's why she was getting so depressed. The conversation they had months ago was because she knew about the pregnancy and didn't tell him about it. His face broke into a smile larger than Texas when he realized that he would have his own bundle of joy to hold and raise.

Without another word to the doctor, he ran into her room, where she was staring out the window sadly. With a sigh, she shook her head. "So.. I'm guessing the doctor told you?"

"Yes. Love, why didn't you tell me?" Arthur said, sitting at the chair next to her bed and holding her hand happily.

She sighed again. "Well, you said you didn't want kids-"

"Oh, love. But I do!" Arthur said, holding her hand tighter. "Love, I would do anything for you. And for our child."

Tears fell from her eyes as she looked to him with a genuine smile. "I love you." She whispered happily.

"I love you, too. I love you so much, [y/n]." He replied, kissing her forehead tenderly.

~~~~~~Time Skip: Four Months~~~~~~

Arthur slammed his hands against the desk he was sitting at. It was yet another World Summit meeting, and to say he didn't want to be here was an understatement. She was in her ninth month of pregnancy, and she was due very soon.

"America! Nobody thinks that-" Arthur started, only to be interrupted by his phone going off. All other countries went silent at the sudden interruption. It was an unspoken rule that all devices get turned off for this, but Arthur was willing to break that rule at this point in his life.

"Hello?" Arthur answered, annoying several countries by doing so.

"Dude, come on we have to-" America started.

"What!" Arthur screamed, startling everyone present. "I'll be right there." The Brit stood and shoved the phone in his pocket before making a mad dash for the door.

"England! Vhat zhe hell are you doing?" Germany barked.

Arthur was already deep in trouble. Countries weren't supposed to marry anyone- mortal or not. Having children was almost unheard of, as well. Stopping at the door, he took a deep breath and steadied himself for what he was about to reply.

"I'm going to go see my wife and my newly born daughter." He said coldly, slamming the door on his exit.

The countries in the room were shocked and appalled. An eerie silence hung over the nations, only interrupted by Greece's slight snoring. Everyone was blankly staring at the door that previously had the Brit standing at it. As the news finally sunk in, America whooped at the top of his lungs and started jumping around.

"I'M AN UNCLE!" He yelled happily.

France, Germany, and even Japan couldn't help but snicker at the superpower's reaction to the shocking news.

"Hey-a Germany? Can we-a go see the new ragazza?" Italy asked happily.

"Si!" Spain answered before Germany could possibly even get a breath to do so. "I want to see la ella as well, so you can come with me and your hermano~" He cooed.

"Bastardo! Who said I a-want to see her?!" Romano yelled out, obviously frustrated.

"I did." Spain answered with a smile.

In the mean time, whilst everyone was arguing about what they should do, they weren't paying attention to a certain Nordic country. Sweden sat there, as quiet and stoic as ever, writing things down on multiple pieces of paper. Once it appeared that he was done, he handed it to America, who scanned over it and proceeded to announce it.

"Hey, dudes, listen! Sweden's got an idea!" He started, only pausing for a small breath before continuing on. "He suggests that the Nordic Five countries go, since they're the quietest. Hahaha! He wants to leave Denmark behind, too!"

"HEY! Sweden!" Denmark yelled loudly, right in the stoic man's ear.

"Anyway, he proposes that they find out what England wants to do about her. And if he wants others to see her as well." America finished with his hands on his hips. "I want to go now, though!"

"ENOUGH!" Germany finally yelled. "Zhey have a point. Let zhem go. Und, unless England says otherwise, news of zhis does not get out. Ve don't vant anything bad to happen, right?" He said narrowing his eyes on the others.

"I suppose we're dismissed?" France asked.

"Wait." Norway said. "I have you all in my contacts. I will be calling those whom he wants to see."

The countries nodded before the Nordics, including Denmark much to Norway's dismay, took leave.

~~~~~Time Skip; Three Hours~~~~~

A knock came on the door to the hospital room Arthur and [y/n] were in, holding their daughter lovingly. "Come in!" She said happily before kissing her daughter's forehead.

What came through that door must have been Arthur's worst nightmare. Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark entered the room in that order. His breath caught in his throat and it took an audible swallow to be able to speak again.

"Well, hello. Might I ask what you're doing here?" Arthur asked curiously.

"Yo, Arthur! We came to see the baby, of course!" Denmark said in the quietest shout he could manage. Which was still pretty loud.

[y/n] smiled warmly and nodded. "I suppose these are your friends, dear?"

Arthur nodded, still worried about what they might do. "This is Lukas, Emil, Berwald, Tino, and Matthias. They work with me."

[y/n] knew about what he did for a living, and it made her happy to know there were more people like him. A bright and excited smile came over her face. "Ooh! Really? Well, he seems familiar in a cheery way.. Could he- ehr Tino, be the personification of Finland?" She asked, pointing to Tino.

Tino, not thinking about the severity of the situation, smiled excitedly and nodded frantically. "Yes! I am! How'd you guess?"

[y/n] chuckled, a sound that was more beautiful than words could describe. "I've visited your country quite a few times in the past. Everyone seems as carefree as you do. "

Another smile graced her lips as they nodded. "So what's her name?" Iceland finally asked.

"Zaraleigh. Zaraleigh Amelia Kirkland." Arthur answered, loving the sight of his wife holding his daughter preciously.

Berwald cleared his throat, nudging Norway slightly. "Right." Norway said before taking a deep breath. "We have decided to keep it secret. On one condition." Arthur's eyes narrowed slightly to the man he thought was threatening him. "Everyone is fighting over who should see Zaraleigh first. So, I can make a list of who you want to see and when."

Arthur's emerald eyes felt watery, knowing that they were backing him up on his decision. "Thank you."

"Hey, hey now! She's my daughter, too!" [y/n] said, glaring at the men while rocking the bundle of pink. "I say wait until she's at least three months for everyone. The closest to Arthur can come before then, of course, but I don't want too much stress on me or her."

"Val'd p''nt." Sweden said, sending a small chill up [y/n]'s back.

"But Finland-- ehr, Tino can come anytime! As long as he's happy and cheery. It'll be a nice shift from Arthur's strictness for her." [y/n] finished with a smile.

"Yay!" Tino said joyfully while Arthur looked shocked as can be.


America and Zaraleigh were sitting in the living room and playing an array of games. Every now and then you'd hear her squeal and erupt into giggles when Alfred would tickle her. Arthur's heart melted every time he heard it.

"Arthur, dear!" [y/n] shouted from the kitchen. "Where are my strawberries?"

Instead, Zaraleigh jumped up and ran up to her mommy, clinging to her leg. "Mommy has more? I wanna stawbewwy!" She said, raising her arms to be picked up. The girl was almost two years old now, and should be becoming aware of right and wrong.

But the Strawberry remnants on her cheeks told [y/n] otherwise.
Is it just me or are my fics just growing in length.. And another thing. I seem to incorporate the Nordic Five into a LOT of my fics.. YES I LOVE THEM, SHADDUP. Dem faces... :iconfangasmplz:

Anyway.. This is the Third in the 25 word challenge: Reassurance. I hope I wrote this well enough. I might be uploading these in bulk, since my wifi isn't working properly.. I'll be writing in bulk, as well.

AS FOR THE NAME. Zaraleigh is my middle name c: And I wanted to add a little something to the fic.. And I love strawberries.. xD Fun little fact about the author.

Ahem. Let me get this out of the way.
Hetalia and all characters - :iconhimaruyaplz:
You - :iconsexyenglandplz:

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