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              A Higher Level.
              [Germany x Reader]

Ludwig Beilschmidt was standing with his hands on his hips, a silver whistle was placed on his lips as he watched those training under him with judgmental blue eyes. At the sound of the whistle, the four training would drop for fifty push-ups, then continue running. A simple tactic, really, but with those slacking it became harder for him to properly train the four.

Italy was surprisingly doing well. He was on his twenty-ninth lap and had completed one hundred and fifty push-ups without a single complaint. However, he was still drastically behind the others. Japan was well into his fourty-third lap and Gilbert was on his fifty-eighth. Due to the whistle, they've all done the same amount of push-ups.

And then there was [y/n]. She was a strict girl who never took training lightly, never complained about doing too much, and often pushed herself to the limits of breaking. She made it a goal to do one hundred push-ups at the sound of the whistle. Not to out compete the others, but to simply get better.

So, while Feliciano was lagging and Gilbert and Kiku were going at a relatively normal pace, [y/n] was on her eighty-sixth lap and had completed three hundred push-ups. She was rising above and beyond the bar he had set for them. On top of it all, her ankles were adorned with fifteen pound ankle weights to try and slow her down.

Ludwig had watched the whole thing. He always did, no matter if he was training alongside the four or not. The way her [h/c] hair was pulled back in a neat pony tail to prevent it getting too sweaty, the way her [e/c] eyes glimmered in strict determination, and the way her toned body wasn't too slim nor too muscular. It was just perfect.

Finally, twenty minutes after the last blow of the whistle, he tweeted again. The four soldiers instantly dropped and began their push-ups. Gilbert and Kiku were in front of [y/n], and as a means of showing off, the Prussian began his single-handedly. The female paid him no mind as she continued her own exhausting work.

"Round off your laps to the next ten and head back." Ludwig called out sternly. Feliciano sighed in content, seeing as how he just completed his thirtieth lap and wouldn't have to complete any more.

Gilbert was the next one finished at lap sixty, and Kiku was finished at lap fifty. The three men waited under the large tree with Ludwig, drinking water and cooling themselves down while the [h/c] haired young lass continued her run. She was determined not to stop until she hit lap one hundred.

"Ve~ How does the-a bella do it-a, Ludwig?" The bubbly Italian asked, out of breath and slouching against the tree.

"She has zhe discipline to." Ludwig answered sternly, his eyes narrowing on her figure. Worry was hidden beneath pools of blue as he watched her form, attempting to make sure she didn't over-exert herself.

"Vhy don't you stop her?" Gilbert asked with an eyebrow raised, following his younger brother's gaze. "Not zhat I'd vant her to. I like zhe view. Kesesesese~"

The slim Japanese man shook his head. "[y/n] is the most stubborn person I've ever met. She won't stop until she's happy with herserf."

"What-a lap is she-a on now?" Feli asked, following the other's gazes.

"Ninety-two." Ludwig stated. "Vith four hundred push-ups."

"Vhat?!" Gilbert yelled, completely astounded. "Even vith zhose stupid veights veighing her down?!"

"Ja." Ludwig stated.

"She's almost as determined as you, Rudwig." Kiku commented.

At this, the blond male hook his head. "Nein. She's at mein level, if not higher." The statement drew all eyes to him, their irises asking the question that none of them dared to speak. "She und I are tied in every zhing. Ve have von zhe same amount of arm-vrestles vith each ozher, ve have ran zhe same amount of laps vhen running togezher, und she even beat me out in drinking a few times."

"Zhat frau can even hold her beer?" The Prussian asked, his wide crimson eyes flicking between the lass and his younger brother. "Mein Gott! She's perfect!"

Ludwig unconsciously nodded at his brother's comment. As if on cue, the subject of their conversation jogged over, panting as though she was close to keeling over. "Okay. One-hundred. Done." She stated between the heavy exhales of air.

"Zhen in ve go for dinner."

~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~

After dinner, [y/n] and Ludwig were on clean-up duty. Kiku and Gilbert did their cleaning yesterday, and Feliciano claimed that since he was the one doing all the cooking then he shouldn't have to clean up. Big surprise there.

Ludwig was almost done sweeping up when [y/n] poked his shoulder. Just when he looked up, his eyes were thankfully shut, he got a face full of dish soap bubbles. He stood up straighter and wiped his eyes to see her looking up at him with a smile.

"Boom." She said sweetly, closing her eyes with that smile that seemed to make his heart race. Without another thought, he scooped up some of the remaining bubbles in the sink and returned the favor.

"Boom." He said, the smirk evident in his voice. Her mouth was open wide and, had her eyes been open, she would have the complete look of shock written on her face. Blindly, she searched for the dry dish rag and wiped her face of the suds, before looking at him with a mischievous glint in her [e/c] eyes.

The German barely had time to make an audible gulp before she hand jumped on him. Her legs wrapped securely around his waist and her front torso was pressed against his back. His face instantly heated up at the feeling of her pressed so firmly against him, but because of the loss in balance, the two went toppling over.

Using fighting tactics that were drilled into him, he smoothly pulled her around to his front and barely managed to lay her against the counter-top. He placed his hands beside her shoulders, unconsciously trapping her under him. Had he not moved so quickly, they both would have ended up in the floor with him squishing her.

His eyes were shut tight, still prepared for some sort of impact. The next thing he felt though, was a gentle cloth rubbing his cheek. His eyes opened to see that he was only inches away from [y/n]'s face, and she was using that dish rag to wipe the suds off of his face. Her touch was so gentle, yet it still managed to spark a strange feeling in his chest.

"There. No more bubbles." [y/n] said, smiling brightly at him.

He was lost, though. Seemingly trapped in her [e/c] eyes. Her delicate hand was still placed on his masculine jaw, not retreating from where she had it previously. Ludwig was almost positive that she could hear the thunderous beating of his heart from within his rib cage.

A fluffy, fluttering feeling came to the pit of his stomach. He didn't know what the feeling was, nor if he should accept or shun the feeling, but it was entirely new to him. The soft way she looked at him from her trapped position made his cheeks burn in embarrassment from accidentally trapping her. Without either of them giving it a second thought, gravity seemed to be drawing them closer and closer, neither of them loosing each other's gaze.

He could feel her light breath on his upper lip, and she could feel the same thing with his breath. Slowly, their eyes began to close, and Ludwig made the move to remove the extremely small gap between them.

"Bruder! Are you done in zhere! I need to-" Gilbert cut himself off as he looked in to see his brother towering above [y/n], holding her in place. Their faces were centimeters apart and their eyes were wide. Instantly, he knew he ruined his brother's chance at his first kiss. "Umm, I'll just go-"

"Nein." Ludwig said, standing upright once more and stepping away from the lass who had him set in a trance. "Vhat vas it you needed?"

[y/n] sat up on the counter, looking out into nothingness. Her heart was racing, but she couldn't help but be disappointed. Right when she was ready to give him her love, his brother just had to interrupt. A sigh came from her as she jumped down and pushed her way out of the kitchen. "I'm going to bed."

"Gute nacht..." Ludwig stated, his eyes watching her form disappear to another area of the house.

~~~~~Minor Time Skip~~~~~

[y/n] was awoken by the sounds of bushes rustling outside the house. Silently, she grabbed the nearest weapon- an ax given to her by Denmark for her two hundredth birthday- and crept out of her room.

Keeping her footing light, she managed to make it to the window in the living room. When she looked out, two of the enemy countries were conversing in hushed whispers. America and Russia. She silently cursed to herself before slowly sliding the window open and creeping out.

Russia looked over to the house and his brows furrowed. "Was that window always open?" He asked the American in a hushed whisper.

Just as America turned to look, the five foot pole of the ax came down on the Russian's neck. He blacked out for a second, but that was long enough for [y/n] to paralyze him by striking three pressure points in his back.

"I don't know, dude. I don't remember it-" America cut his sentence off as he saw his ally. Russia had his hands behind his back, tied up by his scarf, and had the blade of a battle ax at his throat. Looking up, he found the attacker to be [y/n].

"State your business." [y/n] demanded firmly but silently. "Or he goes. And you're next."

America put his hands up, his cerulean eyes wide. "D-Dude, t-trust me I'm just here because-"

"They think you two are the only ones who can stand up to me?" [y/n] spat, glaring at him with enough malevolence in her [e/c] irises to paralyze the hero with fear. He audibly gulped and nodded.

Her response was a thick scoff. "Should have known."

~~~~~Time Skip because I'm lazy and I don't want to write all this~~~~~

In the morning, Ludwig was the first to rise. It was a confusing moment for him, since [y/n] was always awake for at least thirty minutes before he got out of bed. His brow furrowed as he remembered their awkward situation and the strange feelings he got. Maybe she was avoiding him.

That thought was quickly wiped away as he looked to the couch. Laying there, completely asleep, was [y/n]. She was clad in a black pair of really short shorts and a [fav. color] tank top that was bunched up just above her belly button. One of her legs was off of the couch and the other was bent with her knee in the air. One of her arms was covering her eyes and the other was above her and hanging off of the arm of the couch.

He chuckled at her state, but blushed at the amount of skin that she was unconsciously showing. The German quickly shoved the thought out of his mind as he heard a groan of pain coming from the [h/c] haired lass. Looking more intently at her, he found several scrapes, cuts, and minor bruises indicating a fight last night.

Almost on cue, her hands and legs stretched out and caused her shirt to lift up more. She let out a cute grunt as she stretched, and when she sat up, her brilliant [e/c] eyes opened to see Ludwig there looking at her with his arms crossed.

"G'mornin Luddy. What're you doing up so early today?" [y/n] asked as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, only making her seem cuter to the German. Not that he'd ever admit it.

"I'm up on time." The blond male commented. "You're vaking up late."

"Oh," [y/n] started before it was cut off by a yawn. She stood up slowly and the German furrowed his brow as he noticed signs of pain just barely evident on her face. "Is there coffee made?"

"Nein. I valked out to see you on zhe couch und zhen you voke up." Ludwig stated with a curt nod. "Can I ask vhy you're hurting? Or vhat zhe bruises are from?"

[y/n] made a surprised face before looking down at herself. It seemed like only then did she notice that she had evidence of battle on her otherwise flawless skin. "Oh! Well, that would be why I'm hurting." She stated before lifting her leg up, pulling her knee to her chest. However, she only managed to get halfway before the pain was too much.

"Vhat happened." He demanded firmly.

The lass looked to her blond ally, almost shocked that he was talking to her so harshly. "Well, last night I was awoken by something outside the house, so I checked on it. I managed to subdue Russia before I was noticed, but I still had to fight America. Not the easiest task, ya know. But, they retreated."

"Vhat?!" Ludwig almost yelled. His bright blue eyes were wide in surprise and his heart beat was going frantic. She fought America on her own?

Why didn't she wake him up? Why did she insist on fighting on her own? Was she aware that she could have died and he would have lost her? His mind went blank after that thought. She wasn't his to loose, so why did he feel that way? Once again, those strange feelings were back, and he didn't know how to contain them.

There were times that she simply made his gut twist and his chest flutter, and then there were the times that made him afraid to let her go. He was almost afraid she wouldn't come back. His brow furrowed as he tried to concentrate on something, but his mind kept going back to the lass standing in front of him.

"No training for you today." He hissed. "You vork on getting vell." The German ran a hand through his still messy bed-head, thoroughly pushing most of it back to it's usual look. "Go und lay down."

[y/n] made a pouting face, and had Ludwig been looking, he possibly would have melted at the look. "No." She stated. She walked, or more so limped, toward him with a faint smile on her face when he looked her way. When she was only a few inches from him, her hands went up and messed his hair up once more. "I like it better like this."

Germany's pale skin was quickly covered by a blush, which he tried to hide by looking away from her. "Go lay down or I vill carry you back."

A smirk came to her features and she repeated herself once. "No." When he looked at her again, an almost angry look was in his blue eyes. "I want to train."

"Nein." He said. Carefully and swiftly, his strong arms went behind her back and under her knees, successfully picking her up to carry her to her bedroom bridal style. This motion didn't help either of them, though, since their cheeks then began to burn a bright red.

Being held so close to her crush was almost like a dream come true. The [h/c] haired lass snuggled into his chest, unconsciously feeling his well defined chest, and could easily feel how hard his heart was beating. The thought of him being as nervous as her made her smile fondly.

On the other side of the ordeal, Ludwig was also content with how he was carrying her. As they rounded a corner further back in the house, drawing the two closer to their destination, he almost resented his decision. He didn't want to let her go. It felt right to have her in his arms like this. He felt completed. But, alas, all things must wither.

Upon approaching her open door, he peeked into the room to find it empty. He was thankful that his Italian ally had slept alone that night. However, when he lay her on her bed, she didn't let go of his neck. He wasn't entirely sure when she had placed her hands there, but they soon found themselves in a predicament much like yesterdays.

[y/n] was laying on her [country] flag quilt, looking up at him with pleading [e/c] eyes. Her arms never removed themselves from his neck, which brought their faces really close as he leaned over her. Once again, he found himself leaning in, as though gravity had a plan of its own. Unfortunately, once again, a voice interrupted them.

"[y/n]-chan?" The Japanese man asked as he entered the room. A dark blush covered his face and he instantly bowed, muttering many 'Gomenasai's before almost literally running out of the space.

[y/n]'s hands slid down from their spot around his neck and he stood up straight, embarrassed for having that happen a second time. A disappointed sigh came from her, and that didn't go unnoticed. But, what he was more confused about was what came out of his mouth next.

"Vhy didn't you let go vhen I laid you down?"

[y/n]'s face burned brightly at the question. "I-I don't know.." She whispered.

He nodded and left her room without another word, shutting the door on his way out. He left her laying there, feeling frustrated about being unable to show him how she felt. From the way he acted after they got interrupted, both times, she was almost sure that he was acting in the heat of the moment. She was almost convinced that he had no feelings for her.

But, there was that part of her mind that still had a sliver of hope. That part of her mind said that the way he looks at her was too soft and fond to be a look for just friends. However, right now, the doubtful side of her won as a few stray tears fell from her tightly shut [e/c] eyes.

"Why do I have to like him?"

~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~

At dinner time, [y/n] didn't come out of her room. Everyone was worried about her, but Germany explained to the others about what she had done last night. Of course Italy was excited that she had possibly saved everyone's lives, Japan was still flustered about this morning, and Prussia was laughing his odd laugh and complimenting the missing woman.

Though, even though Ludwig managed to convince everyone that she was too sore to walk, something in the back of his mind said that it might be something more. Once Gilbert and Kiku got to cleaning and Feliciano was in the shower, Ludwig picked up a plate of pasta they had saved for [y/n] and carried it to her.

Being polite, he paused in front of her door to knock, but heard something heart-breaking waiting for him at the other side. A small sniffle came, followed by a very quiet whimper. The German was almost sure that something inside of him broke at the sound, but he proceeded to knock anyway.

"Who is it?" Her groggy voice called out.

"It's me." Germany said. "I brought you zhe dinner."

"I'm not hungry."

The German's blond brows furrowed. He knew for a fact that she knew to take care of herself, so why was she skipping out on dinner? Worry consumed his thoughts, and without announcing it, he had entered her room.

Seeing her laying there with a soaked pillow and tears still falling was enough to make Ludwig shove the plate onto her side table and rush over to her.

"Vhat's wrong? Are you hurting?" He asked hurriedly, placing one strong hand on her feminine jaw and the other gently on her shoulder. His eyes raked over what he could see of her, though she was covered mostly by her quilt.

"I-It's nothing, Ludwig. I promise." She said, forcing a pained smile to try to ease his worry, though it only made it worse. She always called him Luddy nowadays. It's been nearly two years since he'd last heard her call him by his full human name.

"Nein, it's not. You're a strong voman. If it hurts zhis bad zhen I need to go und get you some pain killers-"

"Pills won't help my hurting." She interrupted his worrisome babbling.

His blue eyes narrowed in slight confusion. "At least show me vhere it hurts."

A sarcastic laugh came from her. "Are you sure?" She asked dryly. A nod from him was the only response. Carefully and gently, she lifted his hand to her chest. His face burned at the thought of her placing his hand there. He was too embarrassed to notice that his hand was right above her heart. "It hurts in here." She stated with a whimper.

His eyes softened at her when he realized what she meant. He was angry at whoever made her hurt, but he was more worried about comforting her now. So, doing the first thing that came to his mind, he sat on the bed beside her and ran his hand through her [h/c] hair.

"Is zhere anyzhing I can do, frau?" He asked.

A blush was lifted to her face when he asked that. The confident side of her personality seemed to be taking over. At that moment, she was almost positive that he cared about her, in some sort of way. "Tell me how you feel about me."

The words were out of her mouth faster than she could stop them. The Germanic country blushed heavily. "V-Vhat?"

"Exactly what I said. Tell me how you feel about me. And don't lie." She stated, or rather, commanded.

The blond nation looed away from her, drawing his hand off of her chest and rubbing his neck. "Vell.. I-I get zhe butterflies vhen I'm around you.. U-Und vhen you vere in mein arms earlier, I felt complete. I don't vant to lose you, so vhen you told me you fought America and Russia alone, I vas upset at zhe zhought of losing you. You make me smile.. Und my heart beats.. Ehr.. R-Really fast sometimes around you.."

[y/n]'s heart swelled at what the blushing and embarrassed German was telling her. A fond smile worked it's way onto her features and it didn't seem like it was going away any time soon. Tears were still flowing from her eyes as she sat up to hug Ludwig, making him more flustered.

"V-Vhat did I say? I-Is zhere somezhing wrong wizh me?" He asked, looking over to her worriedly.

She laughed through her happy tears and kissed his cheek. "No. There's nothing wrong with you, Luddy. Let me ask you one more thing."

Germany's face was as bright as a stop light, making the [h/c] haired lass giggle. He cleared his throat and looked away from her in a vain attempt to hide the redness she had caused. "Vh-Vhat is it?"

"Do you love me?" [y/n] asked innocently, her [e/c] eyes wide in pure curiosity.

Then, everything fell in place for the man. All of his feelings that he previously had no clue about now made sense. It was love. He was in love with the most perfect woman on the planet. "J-Ja, I guess I do."

The male then felt himself get pushed down onto the bed by the weight of her hug attack. He couldn't help but chuckle. "Good. Because I love you, too." [y/n] said happily, snuggling into his chest comfortably.

Germany went to lean down and give [country] a kiss, but she looked up at him just in time to connect her lips with his. They were both stiff for a few moments, until [y/n] finally melted and moved her arms from around his waist to around his neck. He, in turn, tilted his head slightly to deepen the accidental kiss, and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Bruder? Did [y/n] eat yet-" Gilbert said, peeking into the room to see the two kissing heatedly. A smirk happened on his face as he turned away.
Fail title is fail. But don't worry, the rest of it is good.. Ish.
I should have posted this a long long time ago, but I never got around to it.
:iconalphonseelricswife: Was the one to give me the general plot line for this.. And blah blah, but she deserves credit! c:
I hope you like it!

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