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                              Puppy Love.
                              [Germany x Depressed!Reader]

The hardest life to live was one where your friends abandoned you. If you had no friends in the first place, you wouldn't know the betrayal that [y/n] felt at this very moment. She had begun to welcome the brutal feeling and allowed it to reside in her heart. This feeling was the very reason that she was how she is now.

Every day [y/n] would wake up and look at herself in the mirror. At first she wondered why all of her supposed 'friends' had abandoned her the way that they did. Now, she was simply disgusted with herself. In her eyes, there were multiple things wrong with her. Her [h/c] hair was too bland, her [e/c] eyes were dull and didn't match her appearance, her body was too large, she was too short, etc. All of her 'faults' were brought out in her eyes, and she found herself hating what she was.

Today was no different. [y/n] woke up and slipped on a [fav. color] tank top, a pair of black skinny jeans, and a baggy white jacket. After running a brush through her tangled hair, she looked herself over in the mirror. The same as always. So many faults stood out in her reflection. It was easy to not cry at this, since it's been this way for about two years now. She began to make one incision on her wrists for each tear she cried.

Soon after, she simply slipped into that habit and became emotionless. To the outside world, she seemed as stoic as the Swedish male Berwald, but on the inside she was a little child crying out for anyone to notice her.

A sigh escaped her pale lips as she trudged her way out the door and to the school.

~~~~~Time Skip: 5th Period~~~~~~

Ludwig was seen as a star student, being muscular and very strict yet with very high grades. He was close to becoming valedictorian, but the race was a tie with Kiku. Currently, he was sitting on the bench at the football field putting his cleats on. There was a problem with that, though. Jogging around the track surrounding the field was one lass-- the only girl in the 5th period gym class. [y/n].

She was clad in her [fav. color] tank top, a pair of short black shorts, and had her [h/c] hair tied up in a pony tail. There were sweat bands on her wrists, and her black socks went to her knees, making her [fav.color] cleats stand out. This was the sight he loved most.

He got to see her with her hair up and clearly see her [e/c] eyes that she normally kept hidden with her beautiful [h/c] hair. As he tightened his shoe strings, he watched her sneakily. Something he'd never admit was about the huge crush he had on her. She kept in shape, she kept her grades up, and she didn't seem to let anything get to her. That's how it seemed, anyway. He could never really tell past her stoic expression.

With his shoes finally tied, he stood and stretched out before taking off in his own jog. There were only a handful of students that preferred jogging over activities like playing on the field that the track surrounded and they were two of the few.

About thirty minutes into class, [y/n] finally jogged over to the bench for a quick break and some water. However, as soon as she lifted her water bottle to her lips, it was drawn away with a gasp. A bark from right beside her echoed over the area. Ludwig's head turned to see his German Shephard sitting expectantly beside her while wagging his tail happily.

"Well hello to you, too." [y/n] said softly before crouching down to the dog's height.

Ludwig was truly terrified for her at that moment. He had taught his dogs to not trust strangers, and even to attack them should he be in trouble. At this moment, it was true that there was no harm being done, but he was still shaken with fear that Berlitz would snarl or snap at her. Instantly, he began running over to the two, ready to pull the dog off if necessary. Though, what he saw when he got there made him stop in his tracks.

[y/n] had a large smile adorning her gorgeous face, one he had never seen before, whils the pooch nuzzled into her hand that was being used to pet the dog. Without warning, the dog barked again and knocked her over and Ludwig's heart stopped. The dog began covering her face with slobbery wet dog kisses and the most adorable sound he had ever heard came from he. A giggle.

"Berlitz. Down boy." Ludwig commanded, effectively pulling the dog away from [y/n]. The called dog trotted over to his master and sat obediantly in front of him.

[y/n] stood up and looked over to the two. "So he's your dog?" She asked in a monotone voice.

"Ja. I apologize if he caused you any trouble." He answered while bowing slightly.

That beautiful giggle came again before she spoke once more. "He's no trouble. He shows up in my yard at times and keeps me company." The dog barked as to confirm her statement and looked back to the lass longingly.

This shocked the blond male greatly. "Zhat must be vhen Gilbert lets zhem out.. He's too lazy to walk zhem properly.." He mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck. Berlitz whimpered slightly, padding his front legs and looking back to [y/n] as though he were asking to go see her. However, he never moved from his spot.

[y/n] broke the silence by bowing slightly. "I'm going to get back to running." She said softly before jogging off. In her mind, she was cursing every god she could think of. Why would that dog come up and force her to show any sort of emotion in front of someone. In front of her crush, nonetheless.

A sigh escaped Ludwig as he looked down at his dog, who was watching [y/n] jog away. The pooch let out a small whimper before he noticed that Ludwig crouched down in front of him. "You really like her, don't you?" He asked while rubbing his head, between his ears. The dog barked to say yes, which drew a smile to the German's lips. "Me too."

After a moment of petting the dog, he looked at it with a new revelation. "Vait. Vhy are you here and how did you get out of zhe house?"

~~~~~~Time Skip: That Night~~~~~

[y/n] stepped out of her house in the midst of the night. It was nearly midnight, but she couldn't find sleep. Instead, she decided to come outside and sit on the lawn while watching the stars. Her legs carried her over to the green grass of her front yard before allowing her to sit. She sat back and pulled her knees to her chest while resting her head sideways on her joints.

The view was perfect. Each star twinkled and radiated with it's own glory. Before she could stop the negative thoughts, they were already assaulting her mind. The stars all had friends as they were always seen near another star or in the middle of a cluster. They didn't have to worry about being hurt. They shined brightly with beauty that [y/n] only wished she had.

Tears were soaking her knees as they silently fell from her pained [e/c] eyes. She let out a small sniffle before someone had kissed her tears away. Or rather licked. Sitting in front of her was Berlitz, Ludwig's canine companion. He whined needfully before moving his head closer to hers and licked away more of her tears.

She smiled but froze when he began licking at the two-days-old scabs on her wrists. Her face twisted into a pained expression as more tears fell, more rapidly than before. The pooch whined at this and nuzzled his head against her side lovingly.

"Berlitz! Zhere you are!" Ludwig said, jogging up to the two sitting on the grass. "Don't run out of zhe house like zhat-" He was cut off by the sight before him.

[y/n] looked up to him and the tears only managed to fall harder, if possible. Here she was, a crying mess in front of her crush. Embarrassing much? She pulled her arms closer to her chest, as if trying to hide what Berlitz had discovered seconds earlier, and let her hair shadow her eyes. She stood up and kept her eyes on the ground.

"I-I have to go b-back inside no-now." She choked out. Her [f/c] tank top was raised slightly and her running shorts had remnants of the grass she was sitting on clinging to them. She was barefoot, and even though she was clothed, she felt as though she were open for the entire world to see.

Ludwig's hand reached out and grasped hers, pulling her close to him. "Frau, are you alright? Vhy... Vhy are you doing zhis to yourself?" He asked in a whisper as he looked down to try and find the answer in her [e/c] eyes that he could so easily get lost in. She looked away from him quickly, though, much to his annoyance.

His hand went to her chin, forcing her to look at him. Seeing the hurt look in her marvelous eyes made his heart burn with anger toward the person who made her feel that way. It broke his heart as well. A faint pink dusted her cheeks as she realized their close proximity, and the blush deepened as she noticed how Ludwig was leaning closer to her face.

She made no movements of protest. As soon as his lips met hers, the rest of the world didn't matter. All that mattered was Ludwig and [y/n]. Her heart fluttered and threatened to escape from her chest at the same time his was exploding in joy from her accepting the kiss and actually kissing back. Her petite hands made their way to his well-built chest and she grasped onto the black muscle-top he was wearing. His hands went from holding her hand and chin to slinking their way around her waist.

However, all good things must die somehow. This beautiful moment was ruined by their need for oxygen. As they pulled back, she looked up to him and blurted out her feelings in the heat of the moment. However, he did as well.

"I love you." They both said at the same time.

A warm smile adorned Ludwig's face and he was about to lean in for another kiss when he was interrupted. A happy bark came from the German Shephard beside them, forcing their attention away from each other and onto the pooch.

"How about you stay zhe night and elaborate, [y/n]." He offered softly.

"If I get another kiss, and if I get to snuggle with your puppy, I'll tell you anything you want to know." She said happily. The joy she felt at the moment was almost too great.

The blond German chuckled slightly before kissing her cheek gently. "I'll give you all the kisses you want."

~~~~~Time Skip: Morning~~~~~

Ludwig had just returned from his morning jog when he noticed his brother about to barge into his room. Where [y/n] was sleeping. On his bed.

"Vait, Gilbert!" He yelled toward the albino in a vain attempt to stop the Prussian from entering his room.

"WOAH, WEST! West finally got a frauline!" Gilbert shouted with his annoying laughter soon coming after. All Ludwig saw was a pillow shoot out from his doorway to nail his brother right in the face. The male who was hit stumbled back and fell to his rump.

"Let me sleep, dammit!" [y/n] called out sleepily.

"I don't zhink so. West might be angry with you for sleeping in-" Gilbert started before his crimson eyes widened and he moved out of the way swiftly. "Woahwoahwoah no need to be angry- WEST!" The male yelled out as several items were chucked at him. "Your woman ist trying to kill mein awesomeness!"

The blond chuckled slightly before entering into his room, skillfully dodging every item she threw at him. It wasn't necessarily at him, but rather any invader. He strode over to the lass and kissed her forehead before easing her back to lay down on his bed once more. "Sleep if you want. I vill vake you for lunch, though." He said with a happy sigh.

[y/n]'s body curled up under the covers and next to his dog. It seemed that the pooch had a greater liking for her than he did for his own master. The sight warmed his heart. She peeked open one of her [e/c] eyes and offered him a tired smile.

"Ich liebe dich, Luddy." She said in a whisper.

Quietly, he made his way out of the room. But, not before whispering back; "Ich liebe dich auch, [y/n]." 
Well. This was written last week. I'm not the proudest of it, but it will do since I have no other ideas for this.
This fanfiction is representing the word Dog in my 25 Word Challenge.
I will now head off to bed for some well-needed rest.

Hetalia and all characters - :iconhimaruyaplz:
You - :iconsexygermanyplz:
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