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          A Love Filled Reunion.
          [Denmark x Reader]

If anyone would ask about his home situation, Matthias would grumble and brush off the question with his attitude quickly souring. To put it simply, he and his four Scandinavian friends moved to America back in high school. After they graduated, they decided that it would be easier to buy a roomy house and split the expenses- since they were all so close anyway.

What they didn't expect was a girl to come through and change their lives permanently. Matthias and [y/n] were high school sweet hearts. She went through the troubles of learning Danish for him, they were dubbed as the 'Most Likely To Marry' in their senior yearbook, and they didn't have a care in life.

Until [y/n] got that letter. That letter that sent Matthias spiraling into a depression that he hid very well. What was the letter exactly? A scholarship given to her by the U.S. Army.

As Matthias downed another beer, he remembered the day they deployed her. She was going to several parts of Europe and Asia for who knows how long. Their goodbye had been filled with loving kisses, tears, and thousands of hugs. She promised to write to him, though she broke up with him.

She said she didn't want to hold him back.

Matthias slammed down the empty mug onto the counter top of the bar. He hadn't had a single relationship since she left. He never had any one night stands, nor did he ever plan on having any. His beer was his new life.

He could only imagine that she died, got injured, or worse; found someone else to love her.

She hadn't sent him a letter in two years, after all.

~~~~~In The Nordic Household~~~~~

Everything was normal. Berwald was at work, Tino was working on dinner in the kitchen happily, Lukas was reading a book and relaxing on the sofa, and Emil was grooming his pet puffin. The poor Icelandic male still had another year of school, while the other four had been graduated for seven years now.

Tino peeked into the living room, where Lukas and Emil were sitting in a comfortable silence. "Guys, I need one of you to go get Matthias from the bar soon." He said, unusually happy.

Lukas raised an eyebrow and looked up from his book. "What? He usually comes home before closing time on his own. He's responsible. Kind of."

Tino giggled and shook his head. "Nono! We're having a very special guest over tonight! I want him home and sober for this!"

Lukas grumbled and stood up. "I guess that means I have to leave now." He said, glancing at the clock casually. 8:40 PM. "Hey Tino? Wasn't Berwald supposed to be home an hour ago?"

Tino giggled again and literally bounced into the living room. "He's at the airport~"

Lukas raised an eyebrow again. Tino didn't let him form a question before he gushed. "Okay, so I wasn't supposed to tell anybody because it's a surprise, but if you promise to at least act surprised I'll tell you!"

This got Emil's attention. He stood and placed his Puffin back in it's cage and casually walked over to the conversing males. "I promise." He stated.

Tino and Lukas looked at him in surprise, forgetting that he was in the room at all because of his quietness. "I guess that means I have to promise too." Lukas stated.

Tino jumped in excitement and clapped. "Yay! Okay, so I got a call from Su-San at lunch and I originally thought that he had forgotten his lunch again. But, as it turns out, he got a call. From [y/n]."

Lukas's eyes instantly widened and Emil's face brightened. "Yeah, I was surprised when he said that, too. She needed someone to pick her up from the airport tonight and a place to crash until she can get herself a place. Ber offered her to stay with us."

Emil instantly began cheering. "Aunt [y/n]'s coming back!"

Lukas didn't even spare another word. No, he grabbed his car keys and rushed out the door, heading to Matthias's favorite bar.

~~~~~At The Airport~~~~~

Berwald looked down at his watch and grumbled before tapping his foot impatiently. Yes, it took twenty minutes to drive from Ikea to the airport, but that meant he spent at least fifty minutes waiting. However, as he looked over to where a large commotion was being held, he noticed that uniformed soldiers were finally reuniting with their families.

Two minutes of this heart-warming reuniting happened before his face broke out into a very rare smile. [y/n] walked out of the crowd casually, her eyes scanning around for the person to pick her up.

Her [e/c] eyes glimmered in the florescent light and without another thought, she ran towards the usually stoic Swede and successfully knocked him over in a tight hug.

The impact didn't hurt the large man, thankfully, but he soon found himself hugging her back. She was clad in her camouflage uniform and cap, and even though her hair was supposed to be cut to a buzz, it had apparently grown out. Her [h/c] [h/l] locks were cascading down, not being held back in any way.

"Why havn't y'u cont'cted us 'n so l'ng?" He asked through his smile, picking himself and the [h/c] haired lass up as well.

[y/n] stepped back from her friend with a sniffle. She wiped her eyes of the cascading tears. "I was captured. I would have sent more and more letters if I would have known.." She said, her words trailing off again.

Berwald quickly made use of his arms and pulled her in for another hug. "I'm guess'n th't y'u wern't suppos'd to come home 'n years, h'd th't not hapen'd?"

[y/n] only nodded against his chest, another sniffle coming from her. "Yeah. These guys that came home with me are the ones who were sent out to get me back. I owe them everything." She stated, pulling back from the Swede once more. "Torture was a pain in the ass." She stated with a chuckle.

Berwald instantly felt himself fill with hatred. Who on earth would torture an angel like [y/n], let alone a female in general? Though, he was truly happy that she could laugh it off now. "Let's g't y'u home."

~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~

Lukas managed to get Matthias home before he even got tipsy. It was a good thing he had built up a tolerance for alcohol, or else he would have been plastered by the time the Norwegian got there. A faint grumbling was coming from the kitchen as Tino fretted about the time.

9:17. It was 9:17 PM when Matthias, Lukas, and Emil sat down at the table that was set for six. Not even one minute passed by when they heard Berwald's car coming up in the driveway.

"Who's here?" The Danish man asked curiously.

Emil shrugged and Lukas stood, dragging the Dane with him. "Lets go see."

"Sheesh, Norge, what's with you tonight? Pulling me around everywhere!" Matthias stated loudly.

The two were standing in the living room when Berwald walked in with several suitcases filled with things. Not a single one of those had been camouflage, though, so it gave them no hint as to who was going to come in. After setting the heavy items down, he looked out the door and motioned for someone to come in.

And that's when time slowed down. Upon seeing the green uniform, his eyes filled to the brim with tears. He was frozen in place when he saw [y/n] look arount the house with a nostalgic smile on her face. The way her [e/c] eyes glimmered in happiness, her [h/l] [h/c] flowed freely behind her, and the way she happily shrugged off her backpack made Matthias's gut twist.

"Aunt [y/n]!!" Emil literally screamed before launching himself at the veteran.

She laughed, catching him in a large hug and lifting him clean off the ground. Oh how Matthias missed that lovely laughter of hers. When she and Emil pulled away from each other, there were tears shed of course, but Lukas took his chance at giving her a hug.

Tino joined Lukas and succeeded in squishing the lass between their death grips. She chuckled and wiped her eyes before looking up. Instantly, her [e/c] eyes met a familiar face. He didn't look like he changed much at all, though he was producing rivers of tears.

"Long time no see, huh?" She said, smiling warmly at him.

That was all it took to snap him out of his trance. He rushed forward and picked her up in a tight embrace, refusing to let go of her. She managed to pull away just enough to take of the hat she had been wearing and place it on him, hiding most of his gravity-defying hair. She then took the opportunity to place a deep kiss on his quivering lips.

He smiled at her through the kiss, forcing the tears to fall harder from his eyes. Once they pulled away, she placed her forehead on his and closed her eyes contently, that large smile not leaving her lips.

"Jeg savnede dig." Matthias said, unable to use English through the heavy emotions he was feeling. "Jeg har savnet dig så meget."

[y/n] choked out a laugh before she kissed him again. "I missed you too."

Though he hated to break up a reunion as beautiful as this, Tino cleared his throat with a large smile on his face. "Dinner's on the table, and it's getting cold."

[y/n] reluctantly pulled away from Matthias, though she soon laced her fingers with his. "Man, I missed your cooking, Fin. Trust me, the food we ate wasn't the best." She said with a chuckle before racing into the kitchen, forcefully pulling the Dane with her.

~~~~~Minor Time Skip~~~~~

"So," Emil stated while putting his fork on his empty plate, "Want to elaborate on why you haven't contacted us recently?"

"Yeah!" Tino said enthusiastically. "We were so worried!"

"'Nd y'u had ev'ry right to be." Berwald concluded.

Before anyone could question the Swede, [y/n] spoke up. "Well, my team of three was out on a recon mission. Of course, reconnaissance missions are to gather information, but nobody realized just how dangerous it was. My two teammates were killed off in a struggle after the enemy spotted us, but I managed to force them into submission."

All eyes were glued on her, surprised by her story and her new strength. "I was lucky. Their deploy leader saw and took me in for questioning. That, of course, meant I was captured."

Matthias gave her hand, that he never let go of, a reassuring squeeze. She smiled sadly at him.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to worry you all." She said with a light sniffle. "If it helps any, you guys were the only thing that kept me alive. Through all the torture, all I could think about was you five. The letters you sent. All the fun times we had. I was determined to make it out, if only so I can make more memories with you."

Berwald, in order to hide his watery eyes, picked up everyone's clean plates and took them to the sink. Tino was bawling like a baby at this point. Lukas held back most of the emotional shock, though a few tears slipped out. Emil, being as young as he was compared to the others, was trying- and failing- to be as strong as his brother.

Matthias settled on rubbing her back gently, forcing himself not to think too much n what exactly 'torture' meant. "Will you have to go back out there?" He curiously asked, trying to pull away from the depressing subject.

[y/n] beamed at this, instantly cheering up. "Nope. I'm a decorated veteran, now. I guess they thought that me being locked up for two years was enough." She said with a happy smile.

"That's good! You can come to my graduation, then!" Emil said happily while violently rubbing away his tears.

This, of course, brought laughter all around the room.

After sending a letter to his grandmother the day after she came back, he received a package in the mail. Of course, he knew what it was, but he insisted that [y/n] be the one to open it. It was a very small box, about the size of the palm of her hand.

The two were sitting in the living room, cuddled together on the couch. After opening the box, she blushed heavily and smiled at what she saw. A faint smirk came to her. "Here. You're going to need this." She said confidently, handing over the little box. When he opened it up, he saw a pair of matching wedding rings. They were definitely his grandparents' rings.

He chuckled and kissed her nose gently, pulling her into a loving embrace. They weren't sure when the room cleared out, but they soon found that they were the only two in the living room.

She smiled and leaned up to give him a little kiss, though he wasn't happy with that. He held her there by placing a hand on her feminine jaw. He tilted his head slightly, deepening the kiss that she had initiated. His arms found their way around her waist and her arms were soon draped around his neck.

When the two parted from each other, he smirked. "So, do you want to start wearing this now?"
SO. Yeah. Earlier (or yesterday, whichever you prefer) my Uncle came home from Iraq. Finally. We all laughed and cried and blahblah blah.
Anyway, I was feeling so emotional about it that I decided to write it out.
I originally planned on doing it for America and having him the solider, but there are actually a lot of those.

Anyway, yeah. So I'm a littler emotional today. Shut your mouth.

Hetalia - Himaruya-sama
You - :icondenmark-kissyface:
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